Music by

Video Directed by

Fruiting Bodies – Fluid Blues – Video by Meghan Riley, Footage by Kinga Michalska

LLLL – Heat – Featuring Meghan Riley – Animation by Neely Goniodsky

Listen In – written and performed by Meghan Riley
with Craig Horan​ on piano and Kyran Riccardo Chin-Assing​ on cello.
Performed at Oscar Peterson Hall on December 14th 2017 as part of concordia university songwriting class.
Music: A Fruiting Bodies improvisation from our time in Reykjavik Video: Leaving Hrisey on the ferry on a gorgeous morning
Vocalise and Electric guitar Performed by Meghan Riley and Angus Gaffney as a part of Concordia University’s Contemporary ensemble Fall 2017
Walnut Heart, composed by Meghan Riley 2018 Performance that Concordia University’s DB Clarke theatre, May 1 2018

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