Kazuto Okawa (a.k.a. LLLL) and I are collaborating again. Another member of K-pet, it’s been 10 years since we made music together. and we’re collaborating online between Tokyo and Montreal. Oh thank goodness for the internet.

He’s released his full-length album, ‘Faithful’ under the Tokyo label, PROGRESSIVE FOrM.   This sweet electro-pop, J-Pop project features a handful of vocalist, myself included.

Here is a preview:

LLLL- Heat – Featuring Meghan Riley – Animation by Neely Goniodsky

LLLL- Transcribe – Featuring Meghan Riley (a track from the album, released by Bad Panda Records).



Japan Times

You can also listen to his previous album released under California label ZOOM LENS.


Have a listen to an experimental track we worked on together in 2006.

and of course, a track from our trip-hop band, K-Pet, 2004

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