Meghan is a Montréal based vocalist and composer who has performed in numerous projects since 2004. As a member of the Montréal vocal trio Fruiting Bodies, she’s released a full-length album, Fascia and toured extensively throughout Canada and the United States.

Entering the world of trip-hop, electro-pop and techno, Meghan has collaborated, composed and recorded vocals with various producers: Spooloops, Karl Snyder, Us Kind Animals, Hissy Fit in their electro-pop duo Magmatic and Kazuto Okawa in his project LLLL.

Meghan’s exploration of ambient music includes her project Hunger Moon with James Dunkel and WEAVE, Meghan’s solo project of ambient vocal loops. With this project she performs regularly in Montréal at yoga and dance classes, puppet shows and drone sleepovers.

Since 2007, Meghan has facilitated Experimental Choir, creating a curriculum to teach vocal development, body awareness and improvisation.

Meghan’s voice, flexible in style allows her to collaborate with a broad range of artists. Each project offers a new artistic process; composing carefully constructed harmonies and lyrics, creating a persona and engaging in storytelling, or dissolving her voice into an instrumental improvisational flow and soundscape.

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