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Karl Snyder and Meghan Riley

For all you tender hearts. Happy Valentine’s day. This is a video collaboration between myself and Aurore Biry, Dancer/Photographer extraordinaire. The song was actually written and recorded way back in the day — in 2005 – a collaboration between Karl Snyder and myself. and finally created anew in video-form to honour the deep heart connection and love that I share with my partner, who appears in the video with me. A bubble of LOVE and Tenderness!!! This is what is offered in this video. Enjoy!!


Music by

Video Directed by

Karl Snyder and I are working together again! It’s been 10 years since we were in K-Pet together. I feel so lucky to be collaborating with him. Here is a photo from our summer recording session when we were visited by a neighbour kitten. We went out to see the August SUPER moon and this little kitty followed us back home and hung out with us in the studio. He spent a lot of the night curled up next to the sub-woofer. So SWEET! We named him Jean Claw’d.

Karl and Jean Claw'd

Karl and Jean Claw’d

Until we release the music we’re working on currently, here is some of our old music from 2005.

Tenderly Soft

Show Me a Face

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