LLLL — New Release

I’m so excited to be working with Kazuto Okawa on his project LLLL. Here is a track from his upcoming album featuring yours truly. 🙂 Transcribe – released by Bad Panda Records. * Check out this preview of LLLL’s album Faithful, soon to be released by Tokyo label, PROGRESSIVE FOrM.

Meghan Riley– Biography

Meghan is a Montréal based vocalist and composer who has performed in numerous projects since 2004. As a member of the Montréal vocal trio Fruiting Bodies, she’s released a full-length album, Fascia and toured extensively throughout Canada and the United States.

Entering the world of trip-hop, electro-pop and techno, Meghan has collaborated, composed and recorded vocals with various producers: Spooloops,Karl Snyder, Us Kind Animals, Hissy Fit in their electro-pop duo Magmatic and Kazuto Okawa in his project LLLL.

Meghan’s exploration of ambient music includes her project Hunger Moon with James Dunkel and WEAVE, Meghan’s solo project of ambient vocal loops. With this project she performs regularly in Montréal at yoga and dance classes, puppet shows and drone sleepovers.

Since 2007, Meghan has facilitated Experimental Choir, creating a curriculum to teach vocal development, body awareness and improvisation.

Meghan’s voice, flexible in style allows her to collaborate with a broad range of artists. Each project offers a new artistic process; composing carefully constructed harmonies and lyrics, creating a persona and engaging in storytelling, or dissolving her voice into an instrumental improvisational flow and soundscape.


Hunger Moon – Full-length album – May 2015 (ambient piano and voice)


Weave- Orchid Kaleidoscope – Single – September 2014 (ambient vocals)


Fruiting Bodies – Fascia – Full length album – July 2013(vocal trio)


Magmatic – EP – March 2013 (electro-pop duo)


K-Pet – Chapter One – Full length album – 2004 (trip-hop band)

listen to one song- https://soundcloud.com/thistledownthread/devils-major-by-k-pet

Fruiting Bodies – MontrĂ©al Vocal Trio

Fruiting Bodies have released our first full length album, FASCIA. Have a listen! We’re happy to share our labour of love!



photo credit: Kinga Michalska

Fruiting Bodies are an eclectic trio of women vocalists based in Montreal. They began writing, arranging and performing together in 2009, and since then have toured the East and West coasts of Canada and the U.S. Their intimate performances are soulful and multi-faceted, often involving spoken word, costume and dance. Their name is a reference to the inherent fertility of our bodies as well as that of our minds. It is a technical term used to describe above-ground fungal growth- mushrooms! But below the surface there lies a vast network of mycelium from which it is grown. In a metaphorical sense it refers to the unconscious fruiting photo4thought and feeling lying beneath the surface that emerges from those depths in the form of our words, our creative ideas, that which springs forth from us, our fruiting bodies.

In 2013, Fruiting Bodies recorded their first full-length album, Fascia, the culmination of four years of writing and arranging together. They are looking forward to more shows and writing during the summer of 2015, as well as putting out music videos of some of their songs.

photo credit: Katya Palladina capebretonfb

photo credit: Kinga Michalska

Magmatic – MontrĂ©al Electro-Pop Duo

magmatic Magmatic has released an EP. You can listen to it here!


Matt Matic and Magda Matic's electro pop project - Magmatic, playing live at Le Cagibi in Monreal 2012
Matt Matic and Magda Matic  playing live at Le Cagibi in Monreal 2012
http://rachelbervialle.wordpress.com/ - photography.
http://rachelbervialle.wordpress.com/ – photography.
a lovely lady named Rachel nabbed this photo of me. here's a link to her page. http://rachelbervialle.wordpress.com/
a lovely lady named Rachel nabbed this photo of me at Magmatic’s show at Divan Orange in February 2013. here’s a link to her page.

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Neely Goniodsky is an incredible animator and I’ve had the pleasure of creating music and narration for a number of her films.

The Sine Wave – Writer, Director and Animator – Neely Goniodsky, Composer and Voice Over – Meghan Riley, Sound Design – Oliver Lewis, Sound Mix – Mike Wyeld// Royal College of Arts 2013