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Second September Blog post:

So as the semester has settled into itself, the pace and workload has become more clear. Seeing that I will be engaging in much research, reading, writing and organizing groups of people already, my creative self has started speaking to me, asking me to reconsider my Capstone project; asking for a simple composition project that involves collaborating with people who inspire me.

Which makes sense. I think that the original idea of putting on a Somatic workshop for Singers is great, but one that adds more research as well as the task organizing a group of people to an already loaded plate.

I’m excited about getting a chance to be musical, and putting the recording skills I have to use. My aim is to lean on collaboration to create a collection of songs/recordings that I will digitally release at the end of the school year.

I will work with my partner Steve, writing compositions for his collection of harmonious baselines.

I will work with a long time collaborator Karl, who is a composer and a producer. This will be an online collaboration (as he is based in Ontario), passing recordings back and forth.

and I will work with artist/writer, Alexis who is interested in writing Icelandic Rimur – inspired poems for me to add Icelandic Rimur – inspired melodies.

I would also like to dig through recordings I made this past summer in iceland of sung improvisations and use some material as a basis for a song.



My first Blog post for September:

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